Oakland Mayor sends NFL letter to outline city's plan for Raiders

Friday, March 24, 2017 06:09PM
The clock is ticking for Oakland in its efforts to keep the Raiders from moving to Las Vegas.

OAKLAND, Calif. - The clock is ticking for Oakland in its efforts to keep the Raiders from moving to Las Vegas.

NFL owners will vote on the Las Vegas plan Monday afternoon in Phoenix according to ESPN, and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf released key documents and sent a letter to the NFL in a possible last-ditch effort.

"This is Oakland, we always get underestimated," Schaaf said. "Do not give up on us until this is over... we are doing everything we can to send a message, we are serious. This deal is done here; this is where the Raiders should stay."

Schaaf also released the letter and other documents related to Oakland's efforts persuade the NFL that Oakland has a viable and specific stadium plan.

Las Vegas is committing $750 million in public funds, and team owner Mark Davis has secured another $650 million loan from Bank of America.

But, Vegas has not settled on a site, or reached a lease agreement with the team.

In their letter to the NFL Schaaf and investment group Fortress, led by former 49er Ronnie Lott argue Oakland's plan has $1.3 billion in financing with less debt, and far more certainties, including $150 million in shovel ready land, a 55 acre parcel south of the existing Coliseum, a guarantee from Fortress to carry any shortfalls in licensing or cost overruns, a plan for how the Raiders and A's could co-exist, and a plea for the NFL to push Davis back to the bargaining table

"We're ready to go. All mark Davis. If he's committed to staying in Oakland like he's said in the past, there is a deal to keep you here in the city of Oakland. There is no reason for you to leave," Oakland City Councilman Larry Reid said. "At the end of the day it comes down to Mark Davis for not coming to the table and not trying to find a responsible solution for all parties."

On Saturday mayor Schaaf, Lott and others will participate in a fan rally at the Coliseum to show support for keeping the team in Oakland.

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