Passengers from Florida land in San Francisco after narrowly missing airport shooting

Friday, January 06, 2017 06:10PM
Some passengers traveling to San Francisco from Fort Lauderdale were in the air when a shooting killed five people in the Florida airport's baggage claim area.

SAN FRANCISCO - Passengers on board flights from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco were in the air when five people were killed in a shooting at the Florida airport Thursday.

PHOTOS: 5 Killed in Florida airport shooting

William Callison said he passed through the baggage claim area where the shooting took place. "When you're that closely connected to a tragedy, to a shooting, it hits home," Callison said.

Suzanne Seekins worried about her daughter. "It's crazy to think that stuff is still happening," Seekins, a Florida resident said.

An FAA ground stop in Fort Lauderdale delayed flights to and from SFO. "You can expect to see a heightened vigilence by law enforcement, but the way that a passenger gets to an airport, goes through an airoprt, and gets on a flight remains the same," SFO Spokesperson Doug Yakel told ABC7 News.

Others say airports need different security measures to deal with new kinds of threats. "They're checking water bottles, and milk, and baby food and things like that, and that's not really where the interests lie," said Mari Kemp.
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