Funding approved for Pleasanton erosion repairs as next storm looms

Thursday, March 16, 2017 12:27PM
The city of Pleasanton has approved funding for repairs to erosion triggered by the recent winter storms.

PLEASANTON, Calif. - A Pleasanton neighborhood watched their backyards disappear after all the recent rain, and even worse they thought they would be left with the bill. Today, residents say they are feeling a bit of relief after last night's Zone 7 meeting, where they say officials decided to pay for an emergency fix and longtime repairs.

"I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. I thank the board, it was a very good outcome," said Eddie Belshe, Pleasanton homeowner.

"It made my heart feel better last night," said Ginger Belshe, Pleasanton homeowner.

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They've lost about 30 feet of land. There are 13 trees that have fallen into the creek; three of them are huge redwoods. The land is finally giving in to all the rain we have had. The residents are worried their homes will be next and they are especially concerned about next week's forecast.

"Because we are talking six days of rain is forecasted and some of it significant. I don't know if our property can survive that," said Belshe.

He's wondering if they can get some sandbags or other emergency stops in place before the rain arrives. The emergency work that has been approved still needs permits, materials, a plan.

"You would love to see equipment going right now. The time frame is not quick enough, let's just say that," said Eddie Belshe.

Ginger Belshe doesn't know if she can stick around through next week's weather.

"Hopefully we can get out -- that's what I want do. I can't sit here and watch this, I don't want to see anything more go in that creek," said Ginger Belshe.
Even in dry weather, residents say pieces of the backyard have been falling into the creek.

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