Anne Hathaway shares powerful post about BART stabbing victim victim Nia Wilson

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Thursday, July 26, 2018
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Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway calls out white privilege in powerful post about Oakland murder victim Nia Wilson.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway is calling out white privilege in a powerful post about BART stabbing victim Nia Wilson.

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Police say the 18-year-old was stabbed to death during an unprovoked attack at the MacArthur BART station on July 22.

Hathaway shared a picture of Wilson on her Instagram account, along with a message.

"The murder of Nia Wilson- may she rest in the power and peace she was denied here- is unspeakable AND MUST NOT be met with silence. She is not a hash tag; she was a black woman and she was murdered in cold blood by a white man. White people- including me, including you- must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America and have done so for GENERATIONS. White people DO NOT have equivalence for this fear of violence. Given those givens, we must ask our (white)selves- how "decent" are we really? Not in our intent, but in our actions? In our lack of action? Peace and prayers and JUSTICE for Nia and the Wilson family," wrote Hathaway.

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Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley said authorities continue to investigate whether John Cowell, 27, was motivated by racial hate when he killed Nia Wilson, 18, and wounded her sister, Letifah Wilson, 26.

The women are black and he is white.

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Having sat down with the victims' family, this is the worst time in their life, O'Malley said.

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