Antioch police say teen kidnapped, raped Domino's driver

Byby Tiffany Wilson via KGO logo
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
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A veteran police captain says a crime in which a woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted while delivering pizzas in Antioch is "one of the most brazen acts of violence" he's seen.

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- Police in Antioch say a teenager ambushed a pizza delivery woman on Sunday. He's accused of robbing, kidnapping, and sexually assaulting the Domino's employee. It happened in the 2800 block of Bluebell Circle on Sunday.

According to police, the juvenile suspect specifically called for a pizza to commit a robbery. And when he saw it was a female delivery driver, that the sexual assault could have been a crime of opportunity.

Driving into Bluebell Circle, the average visitor isn't on guard. Residents, however, know better.

"You got to be careful out here," said one neighbor.

Fellow resident Keith Henderson agrees, and says he won't let his children outside alone.

"We live in a cul-de-sac, but still they don't go outside unless we're there (and) we're watching," he said.

He and his wife are keeping an especially close eye on their daughter after hearing about what happened on Sunday.

Around 11 a.m., a 17-year-old boy called the Domino's on Hillcrest and asked for delivery. A few minutes later, a 22-year-old female driver left the restaurant and drove about a mile to the address he gave on Bluebell Circle.

"As soon as she exited her car, she was approached by a man at gunpoint who ordered her back into her car and then made her drive to a different location," said Antioch Police Captain Tammany Brooks. "And at that location, he sexually assaulted her and he robbed her of some personal items, and then made her drive him back to the same area where he had originally met her and he fled the scene from there."

Brooks says the victim immediately called police.

"She was very traumatized, she was very shaken, but (she's) a very brave woman who did an excellent job of providing us information," Brooks said.

Officers arrested the juvenile suspect, who has a prior criminal record, several hours later.

On Monday, the Domino's supervisor didn't want to talk. But the company's corporate spokesperson released a statement that reads in part: "It is unthinkable that something like this could happen to an innocent woman, simply trying to earn a living."

Brooks feels the same way.

"I will tell you, this is probably one of the most brazen acts of violence that I've seen in this city," he said.