Apartment complex wants to charge $150 for not picking up after your dog

One hundred and fifty dollars for not picking up after your dog?

Management at an apartment complex in Utah says they have had enough of people failing to pick up their dogs' mess.

Their plan is to begin testing the DNA of any poop left behind on their property.

ABC affiliate KTVX spoke to residents at Layton Meadows Apartments in Layton.

Residents say they received a notice on November 5 that said, "We will need all dogs to be brought into the office to be registered. This includes basic information about you, your dog, and a saliva swab of the pet that will be sent to be entered to the DNA database."

Some residents say management is going too far.

But the complex says if you don't make it priority number 1 to pick up your dog's number 2, you will be fined.

What would you do about the dog doo?
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