Cupertino residents upset over Apple's invitation list to the company's neighborhood party

ByKris Reyes via KGO logo
Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Apple hosts a neighborhood open house at their spaceship HQ, but some Cupertino residents didn't get the invite.

CUPERTINO, Calif. (KGO) -- The invite reads: "Apple invites you to a Neighborhood Open House at Apple Park. We hope to see you there! Registration is required."

Here's the trouble -- not everyone got the invite.

Siblings, Sherry and Mike Duffy live just minutes away from the tech giant's headquarters known as the "spaceship" and they didn't get an invite. They feel slighted because they've lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years.

"Message to Apple, you need to rethink your invite list, coz you shouldn't exclude people who are right here," said Sherry Duffy.''

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Doug Durham who lives minutes away from the Duffy home thinks the party is a cool idea but then again, he got an invite and he lives in Cupertino.

"It's kind of this mystery that kinda landed in the neighborhood, so I think it gives people the opportunity to see what's going on," he said.

Here's another mystery, how Apple put the list together. The company only saying that they invited neighbors and community partners.

"I didn't want to go anyways," Mike Duffy said. "I don't even have an Apple iPhone."

It's a party that's been a long time coming. Plans for this massive Apple HQ in Cupertino were first approved in 2003.

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Has the tech giant been a good neighbor? Again, depends on which side of the street you're asking.

"Apple is a great company, they've got great products but that building just messed it all up and I'm sure you've noticed it, the traffic's gotten horrendous," Duffy said.

Durham said, "When we were originally looking at it, Oh my god, this is going to be an apocalypse, but so far it's actually not been too bad."