Aquatic Park in Berkeley off-limits due to high bacteria levels

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Berkeley is warning residents to stay away from the water at Aquatic Park due to high levels of bacteria.

The alert has many concerned but it's leaving some boating and recreation companies dry-docked.

Aquatic Park is in bad shape.

The murky water looks anything but inviting. In fact, it's hazardous.

The city posted signs on Friday, warning the public to stay away due to high levels of bacteria.

Some say it smells like sewage.

Kyle Zappitell is worried about his dog Yogi jumping in.

"It's a little scary if my dog sees ducks he'll go for it," said Zappitell.

Waterside Workshops, a nonprofit waterside classroom at Aquatic Park is dry-docked for now.

"During the week, we take groups of youth sailing and paddling. We've had to shut that program down," said Waterside Workshops assistant director Neil Larsen.

Normally, the Berkeley Paddling and Rowing club would be on the water but they can't.

Elaine Baden, president of BPRC wants the city to do more to fix the problem.

"We don't see any real traction with the city solving the mystery and cleaning up the problem, preventing it from happening again," said Baden.

A city spokesperson tells ABC7 News it's possible rains earlier this week washed sewage and contaminates into Aquatic Park through storm drains. Water testing is now happening every week but until bacteria levels drop considerably, the water is off-limits.
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