Girlfriends, shopping, and FUN!

What could be better than one-stop shopping with your girlfriends? We found out some helpful hits from Janelle, Lisa Quinn, and Absolutely Audrey.

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Audrey's Ten Top Tips for Christmas Shopping:

    1. Make one of your shopping trips a special day for your children. Make it a stress-free treat for them and build a wonderful memory.
    2. Take a spare pair of shoes. It's amazing what a change of shoes can give you.
    3. Always go shopping with a gift list and stay focused.
    4. Keep your parcels well-hidden in your car.
    5. Make frequent trips to drop off your parcels to the car.
    6. Always accompany a gift certificate with a little gift to let them know you put some thought into their gift.
    7. If a full day of Christmas shopping is too overwhelming for you, do it in two half-day trips.
    8. Try shopping in off-peak shopping hours early in the day or in the evening.
    9. It's much easier to purchase one larger gift, then trying to find multiple little items.
    10. Always get a gift receipt to place inside your gift.

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