Smart, snuggly, stylish scarves!

Even in the cold, you can dress bold. Absolutely Audrey has stylish scarves to heat up your look. To find out more information on how you can buy these versatile accessories, check out the link below.

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fyve by dora + baby by dora = fun accessories for mommy and the little tyke.

    Gift buying made easy buy a luxurious scarf (one size fit all) and a matching blanket, sweater set for the little one and you have the perfect gift set that makes giving fun.

    Fyvebydora is about knit accessories you wear around your body that are luxurious, unique, and lusciously comfortable. We start with lively colors of the highest quality yarns and fresh designs to make each scarf, wrap, blanket, and baby sweater fun to wear for years to come.

    They make the best gifts because they are for one size fit all and they don't go out of style. How many things in your wardrobe can you say that about?

What does "fyvebydora" mean?

    Fyve is the number in our family and my father was the only male so the Y chromosome replacing the letter I with Y. By Dora is for Dora the fashionista Dora the matriarch of the family that comes up with all the stylish design ideas.

Where can you buy a fyvebydora?

    Wilkes Bashford carries a number of fyvebydora styles. This season they are well stocked with a variety of colors and styles from the cashmere wear-able wrap, also worn by likes of Diane Sawyer, Mariel Hemingway, and Rachael Ray to name a few, to the jeweled cashmere scarves.

    You can also find fyvebydora online for the full selection and the hand-knit art works that are all custom ordered at

Where you can get a babybydora?

    The babybydora collection of double sided cashmere blankets with an animal silhouette can all be found online at Babybydora blankets come in two sizes one for the car and the stroller as a lap blanket, and one for the crib size blankets. The sweaters are designed with the baby's comfort in mind with a wide neck and arms to make it easy to slip on and off. You can also wash and wear these sweaters for over a year and adjust to your tyke's size.

    Each year babybydora introduces a new animal silhouette to its collection. The most popular ones to date are our lucky monkey, giraffe, horse, dog, and of course the animal of 2008, the seahorse. They come in a variety of color combinations that match the adult accessories - so you are toe to toe in style!

How fyvebydora was born:

    Fyvebydora was started by Dora and Linda, the mother and daughter fashion dynamo team, who created a knit scarf that, caught the eye of the Fred Segal buyer on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The first scarf Linda knitted had many angles and carried the now signature silk hand-dyed ribbon that you see on most of the collection. Knitting was a solace after the sudden passing of David her father. Soon the celebrity clients at Fred Segal started collecting fyvebydoras and the name became synonymous with a fashion must have.

    TV shows also started showing fyvebydora. Teri Hatcher wore the hand-knit caplet on Desperate Housewives and so did Felicity Huffman show off the black and grey lucky monkey scarf.

    The collection started with one-of-a-kind hand knit art pieces that are now custom made by order, adorned with the greenish burgundy hue silk ribbon. Now fyvebydora includes cashmere pieces that are produced in larger quantities, so more people can enjoy them.

How do I wear my fyvebydora?

    The pieces are made to work with our mobile lifestyle. These multi-season accessories can be worn on a coat or on a slinky top to give you the right amount of warmth while mingling. They go from office to play by changing the way you put it on. People who touch a fyvebydora fall in love and need to go home with one, so take good care of your piece and it will stay with you for life.

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