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January 7, 2008 5:21:24 PM PST
Choose the best schools for your children. Uncover the top current educational opportunities in San Francisco.

In San Francisco, parents can choose public school that are the "best fit" for their children. No matter what your child's particular talents, interests, or needs, San Francisco says it has a school for you.

The deadline for school applications is this Friday, January 11, 2008.

Q & A about the School Enrollment Process

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Q: Will families who turned in applications early get preference over me?
A: No. All applications turned in by the January 11 deadline are treated equally.

Q: Do families who submit by the January 11 deadline have a greater chance of getting their school of choice?
A: Yes. Last year, 87% who turned applications in on time received one of their choices.

Q: Do I still have a chance to enroll if I miss the deadline?
A: Yes. You may submit an application for Round 2 by March 28. Read more about key dates for enrollment by visiting

Q: If I list only one school, do I have a better chance of getting that choice?
A: No. Listing seven schools increases the chance of getting one of your choices, however you are advised to list only the schools you would accept.

Q: If I list the same school seven times, does it increase the odds of getting it?
A: No. The listed school will only count once as your first choice.

Q: Do some students get preference because of their race?
A: No. SFUSD does not use race or ethnicity to assign students to schools. Read more about the Student Assignment System by visiting

Q: Will I be guaranteed a school nearest my home?
A: No. If demand for the school is higher than seats available, there is no guarantee your child will be assigned to the school. However, if there are enough spaces at the school, all applicants will receive an assignment offer.

Q: Can I appeal if I don't want the school that's been assigned to my child?
A: Yes. After you receive the assignment, you may come in for help choosing a different school, ask to be placed in a wait pool for one of the choices you did not receive, or submit a medical or family hardship appeal.

Q: If I turn in my application on time, when do I find out which school I've been assigned?
A: A letter will be mailed to your home address on March 7, 2008. You should receive it within a few days of the mailing.

Q: I'm really not sure I know enough about enrolling my child. Can I talk to somebody?
A: Yes. Call the Educational Placement Center at (415) 241-6085, visit the Educational Placement Center at 555 Franklin Street (room 100) or go to