Local couple get sliding sofa

January 9, 2008 6:11:44 PM PST
When you buy a new couch you expect to be able to sit on it comfortably -- not so for a North Bay couple.

Some kids might find this fun, but a Bay Area couple did not. They bought a couch that not only converted into a sleeper, it turned into a slide.

Dave Soldavini of Sonoma County loves the look of his new leather sofa bed. The only downfall is this: the cushion slides to the floor.

When people sit on it, they tend to slide all the way to the floor.

"The Velcro kept moving, it kept shifting and pretty soon the whole thing would be on the ground. we'd have people over and pretty soon we'd see people kind of shifting and we'd say wait we'll fix the couch for you," said Dave Soldavini.

The Soldavinis bought the couch last year from Jennifer Convertibles in Rohnert Park. The store didn't have this model on the showroom floor, so they could only try out the regular model.

But, a few weeks after the sofa bed was delivered, Dave says, the sliding started.

"We thought we were doing something wrong. We made sure there were no blankets inside," said Soldavini.

Dave says a piece of Velcro is supposed to fasten the cushion to the couch, but it isn't enough. So the Soldavinis pulled out their "worry free warranty" and asked for a repair. Jennifer Convertibles sent an inspector.

"They said there's nothing wrong with it. We have pictures. I said no one took a picture," said Soldavini.

Dave got fed up and sent an e-mail to company CEO Harley Greenfield, but no results.

"We can't seem to get any help, so that's why we turned to you guys," said Soldavini.

7 On Your Side contacted Jennifer Convertibles. The company sent out another inspector and that person agreed there was a problem. Jennifer now is having new cushions made with larger Velcro strips. It says that should correct the problem and Jennifer will make sure the Soldavinis are satisfied.

"It's a great conversation piece, but it doesn't work," said Soldavini.

That new seat cushion is being manufactured way over in China, and it's supposed to arrive in about two more weeks. So we'll check up to see how it works.