NH Primary: Clinton, McCain win

January 8, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire's Democratic primary Tuesday night in a startling upset, defeating Sen. Barack Obama and resurrecting her bid for the White House. Sen. John McCain powered past his Republican rivals and back into contention for the GOP nomination.

The New Hampshire primary was widely seen as a showdown between Barack and Hillary on the Democratic side -- and Mitt Romney and John McCain on the Republican side.

We have winners and losers, but they may a signal that the presidential campaign may be just beginning.

The race results could have hardly been more dramatic in New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton squeaked out a victory over Barack Obama who was victorious in a sense over John Edwards.

But it was on the Republican side where John McCain walked away as the really big winner.

Senator John McCain walked out to a delirious crowd of supporters.

"I'm passed the age when I can claim the noun kid no matter what adjective precedes it, but tonight, we sure showed them what a come back looks like," said Sen. John McCain (R) Arizona.

Roger Riffenburgh knew it all along. The Sunnyvale substitute teacher who flew here to New Hampshire this week, told me so this afternoon.

"It's his big opportunity, I think he will. I think it'll take him a long way," said Sunnyvale teacher Roger Riffenburgh.

Mitt Romney outspent all the other Republican competitors put together, and like Iowa finished second again.

"There have been three races I've gotten two silvers and one gold. Thank you Wyoming," said former Massachusetts governor (R) Mitt Romney.

Rudy Giuliani who didn't spend as much time or money in New Hampshire left early for Florida, where he expects to do much better.

"I have the ability to run in 50 states," said former New York City mayor (R) Rudy Giuliani.

On the Democratic side, a little more than an hour ago ABC News declared Hillary Clinton the winner.

"Over the last week, I listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice," said Senator Hillary Clinton (D) New York.

After the weekend polls showed him leading, Barack Obama finished a close second.

"I am still fired up and ready to go," said Senator Barack Obama (D) Illinois.

On the Democratic side, John Edwards finished third, but he said he is staying in the race and for that matter so is Bill Richardson looking forward to rising out West.