Unlock your slim within

January 8, 2008 5:28:36 PM PST
Losing weight is more than just will power. What you may not know about your own mind.

According to fitness expert John Farley, 85 - 95% of us gain back the weight we lose. John is the author of Living Lean and says the secret to truly effective weight loss, is in our minds. He was here to help us get in touch with our "inner slimness."

About John Farley:
John Farley was once a typical personal fitness trainer - struggling to help clients lose weight. Now, as the author of Living Lean and an expert in fitness hypnosis, he says the secret to weight loss is mind power. John turned is own self-sabotage into winning a national karate championship and his fear of public speaking into a career talking to groups. To date he's helped thousands of people get healthier and many of those to lose weight long term. He was here to tell us how to get and keep the weight off in 2008.

Q & A with John Farley:

Q: Why do 85-95% of people gain the weight back after they lose it?
A: Self-sabotaging habits (at the subconscious level). I see this every day. Most people are sabotaging their progress. It's like a thermostat that's set at a certain temperature. The temperature can only go down so far until the thermostat kicks it back up to where it's set. The thermostat is run by our subconscious mind - it makes us do things we consciously don't want to do - like smoking or overeating or less obvious things.

Q: What causes us to self-sabotage in the area of weight management?
A: Consciously we want one thing, but subconsciously we are uncomfortable with the changes we think we have to make to succeed. Someone might think they have to exercise a lot or eat salad all day to get in shape or maybe it means dealing with the relationship challenges that might happen if they look really attractive.

Q: How do we know if we have self-sabotaging habits?
A: Look at the following:

    1. Goal Setting: How clear how you about what you want to achieve. Many times people don't really know what they really want
    2. Procrastination is one way to know. Too much procrastination is telling you that you have an internal conflict with the activity.
    3. Feeling deprived of foods: Increasing resistance between what we are doing and what we want subconsciously.
    4. Fear of Failure: Setting sights too high or too low is a way to make excuses for not succeeding.

Q: What's an effective way to eliminate subconscious self-sabotage?
A: Hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Matt Damon and many others have used hypnosis to quit smoking or lose weight; Tiger Woods learned self-hypnosis at age 10 and it helped his success. Hypnosis allows faster and easier access to the subconscious mind which is controlling 95% of our thoughts and behaviors.

Q: What can fitness hypnosis do for us?
A: Enable you to go to the next level of fitness. Whether it is changing a bad habit or adding on good ones or increasing motivation, re-programming the mind is the key to making changes last long-term. That's why many top athletes use sports hypnosis for success.

Think Like an Athlete
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