Overcome burnout, find balance

January 10, 2008 5:54:13 PM PST
If you're a woman in overdrive, find balance and overcome burnout!

Are you cramming 30 hours of work and responsibility into a 24-hour day? Do you feel like your battery is never fully recharged? Nora Isaacs was here to help us learn how to slowdown and fully recharge. She is the author of "Women In Overdrive: Find Balance and Overcome Burnout at Any Age." and editor for Diablo Magazine.

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Nora Isaacs is a journalist who specializes in health and wellness, and the author of Women in Overdrive: Find Balance and Overcome Burnout at Any Age. Nora is also the travel editor of Diablo magazine and has written articles for The San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, Natural Health, Yoga Journal, and Alternative Medicine and many other publications.