Understanding hair loss in women

Today more women than ever are experiencing hair loss, so what causes hair loss and what can you do about it, we have dermatologist and specialist of hair loss with UCSF, Sr. Vera Price.

Web site: www.dermatology.ucsf.edu

  1. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), or female pattern hair loss

    Medical: Rogaine solution applied twice daily
    Cosmetic: creative hair styling.
    Hair piece Surgical: Hair transplants

  2. Age-Related Hair Thinning - different
    Usually starts in 60's, 70's or later
    Not hormonally mediated, rather an aging process
    Looks similar to AGA, but mechanism different

  3. Telogen effluvium or Sudden Shedding

    Sudden onset of marked shedding (hair drop-out), with or without visible thinning. You need to lose more than 50% of your hair before someone else sees you as having less hair.

    • High fever
    • Childbirth
    • Severe infections, severe flu
    Myth: "Stress is common cause of hair loss."
    Wrong. It is an uncommon cause of hair loss.

  4. Alopecia
    An autoimmune condition that occurs in otherwise healthy persons.
    Common: affects about 2% of the population
    Affects all ages, though increased occurrence in younger age groups, but you can get the first patch at 50 or 60 years.
    Women and men equally affected.
    See totally bare patches ("bare as a baby's bottom"). May be one patch, or several, or all scalp hair may be lost.

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