Internet buzzing with MacWorld rumors

January 11, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Forty-thousand Apple enthusiasts will descend on San Francisco next week for MacWorld. That's where CEO Steve Jobs almost always makes surprise product announcements. However, he doesn't always succeed in keeping those secrets under wraps.

Security is tight as crews set up for MacWorld. Apple is known for keeping its new products and services top secret. That doesn't stop dozens of blogs and fan sites from speculating what CEO Steve Jobs will announce at a Tuesday morning event.

One of those sites is Arnold Kim is the senior editor.

"Analysts and rumor sites have all sort of pointed toward the same thing, and people are just expecting a really thin laptop," says Kim.

Rumors abound that Apple will launch movie rentals on its iTunes store. Plus, there might be an upgrade to the MacBook, possibly adding a touchscreen. However, nothing as spectacular as last year's iPhone announcement.

"You can only do that so many times, I guess, but no, it doesn't sound like there's going to be anything sort of out-of-nowhere, crazy, impressive demo," says Kim.

Leander Kahney is news editor at Wired, an author of two books on Apple and writes a blog called "Cult of Mac." As MacWorld approaches, Kahney says it's nearly impossible to keep a lid on secrets.

"There are thousands and thousands of people involved who might have seen these products in factories in China or building posters or marketing materials, so the more people that see these things, the more chances are that the information will leak out," says Kahney.

Apple also has a way of hiding new products from store shelves until the moment they're announced. While suspense and drama are fun, customers seem focused on features and function.

"I think the whole photo music thing is what I'm most interested in. Any new music stuff, any new photo stuff, is what I'm looking for," says Los Gatos resident Jennifer Nigh.

Sometimes, the speculation over MacWorld announcements can lead to unrealistic expectations. No company can deliver revolutionary technology every year.

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