Bay Area prepares for another storm

January 24, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
The wintry weather is about to do a 180-degree turn, bringing a threat of flooding.

It's been snowing all week in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but now the big concern there is the rain that could melt that snow and cause flooding.

Right now, there's a break in the weather, but it could start up any minute. That's been the case all day and that's why Caltrans representatives say they're ready for anything.

"It's like living in Tahoe. You wouldn't expect this in Santa Clara county," said Santa Clara County resident Paul Boi.

After ten years, Paul Boi hasn't quite gotten used to life in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and this week's weather is proof of it.

"The worst thing is getting down to work, driving, this morning my kids were late to school because I couldn't get out," said Boi.

He's preparing for this storm by shoveling his driveway and parking his car on the street.

Caltrans is also preparing for what's to come; meaning -- anything.

Thursday morning was snow. But by late afternoon, a new worry arose.

"It's not really the snow and the ice, it's the big rain that's coming. I understand there is big rain coming, and then we're concerned about flooding," said Russell Ellingworth from Caltrans.

Crews are on stand by along Highway 17, ready to sand roads, unclog storm drains and close roadways if necessary.

CHP is controlling the speed and flow of traffic, trying to cut down on wet weather crashes.

Meantime, Noe Maya is keeping one eye on the ball and the other on the weather. He and his kids have spent two hours waiting for snow.

"I will stay here three hours and wait for snow," said 12-year-old Gustavo Maya.

The snow stopped at around 4:30 on Thursday afternoon. Since then, all roads have also opened up. CHP reported no crashes in the area on Thursday night.