Crews work to keep East Bay hill stable

January 25, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
The work that's been done to shore up a sliding East Bay hillside seems to be working for the moment. Mud and runoff from that hillside has been threatening a home below since the last big storm just a few weeks ago.

Skyline Boulevard is just above the home where part of the road collapsed. With Friday's rainfall, a lot of people were worried the collapse might continue. So far it does not appear as though anything has occurred.

The mud continues to slide from the family's backyard, into the driveway. The city has had crews on hand to handle it all and they say they have a plan.

"We're trying to empty the culvert so we can get water to run through it," says Chris Hinkson, an engineer.

It's good news compared to the scene from three weeks ago when Skyline Boulevard buckled and the earth slid down into a yard. With mud three feet deep against their doors, the family evacuated then. They're staying home now, saying they're very confident and they plan to stay despite the rain.

The city of Oakland has jumped into action with crews on the scene until early evening.

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