Pilates: the full body workout


If you want to look long and lean, Pilates is the way to go. It's a full body workout! It includes machine work and mat exercises which can improve your posture, your joints and your breathing. We recently took a tour of a local Pilates studio.

Jill Harris Owner of "The Informed Body"
Pilates: The Full Body Workout!
Exploring Pilates for an overall body workout.

Web site: www.informedbody.com

About Informed Body:
Informed Body is a San Francisco movement studio dedicated to the highest standards in healthy lifestyles. Our studio offerings include pilates, yoga and personal training. The highly trained staff at Informed Body will customize your fitness routines as well as provide information and recommendations for adjunct therapies. They pride themselves on remaining educated and connected to the latest in health and wellness.

Abotu Jill Harris, Owner/Instructor:
Jill holds a Bachelor's degree from UC Davis in Rhetoric/Communications and Textiles/Clothing. Her mother defined this academic path as a degree in "shopping and talking". After trying out several careers in related fields, Jill realized movement was the one thing that made her feel good about herself and brought her joy on a daily basis. While getting her Pilates certification from Body Kinetics in 1996, she taught jazz dance classes and performed with various dance groups around the Bay Area.

Jill's training was classical Pilates, but exposure to teachers who studied with the Physical Mind Institute expanded her approach to the work. In the last decade, her teaching has evolved into a blend of methodologies and incorporates elements of personal training, dance, massage and physical therapy. Her clients inspire her to learn and create new movements for their workouts which keeps the work fresh and exciting each session. She credits Pilates for making her body stronger and her will more resilient with each passing year of practice.

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