The skinny on mini-computers

January 29, 2008 9:01:18 AM PST
You may have a laptop and a desktop, but how about a mini-computer? They're so new many stores don't even carry them yet.

How small is small when it comes to computers? These days we're talking mini computers.

Some are the size of a stack of napkins and run between $800 and $1,400 dollars.

"These computers are perfect for a small desk in a newly renovated kitchen or even a small home office where there is not a lot of space for a full size computer. The benefit of these computers compared to a laptop is that you can get any size monitor you want and a full size keyboard," said Stacy Genovese, Good Housekeeping Institute.

Some even come with DVD burning capabilities and a wireless keyboard, all the advantages of bigger computers.

"When you're buying one of these mini computers make sure you customize it when you buy it. So what that means is make sure you get the hard drive space you want, the memory card you want, the video card you want because like laptops, these mini computers can be very hard to upgrade later on," said Stacy Genovese, Good Housekeeping Institute.

If your favorite computer store doesn't have any minicomputers, you could try asking them about ordering one.

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