Tech tools to help you lose weight

January 31, 2008 7:45:31 PM PST
Reach your weight loss goals with the latest tech tools that will help you get there in a healthier and faster way.

Tools to help you lose weight in 08
Most people need a little extra help and motivation when it comes to losing weight. Here are a few tools, ranging from high tech to low tech, that can help you reach your weight loss goals in 2008.

Nike Plus - Nike and Ipod nano have teamed up to help get you running or walking. Shoe with build in instrument to measure distance or time; connects to ipod so like personal coach ($29.99 + cost of shoes and nano)

Mio Motiva heart rate watch - helps you track calories burned by measuring your heart rate so very personalized. Goal is to burn 3500 calories week = 1 pound fat ($99.99)

Omron pocket pedometer - count steps to lose inches; no waist clip required. Research shows pedometers help people lose weight. ($49.99 SRP; $32.95 on amazon)

The Diet plate - set of dishes to help you control portions. Clinically proven in scientific studies to help people lose weight. ($34 per plate, $29 per bowl + shipping)

Tanita body fat scale - Your weight isn't the whole story. It's equally important to make sure you are losing fat and not calorie burning muscle. With this scale, you can measure body fat in the comfort of your own home. ($139.95)

Computer/Blackberry - the internet has a wealth of diet and fitness related information; some free and some paid for. One of my favorite free sites is, and a new and comprehensive paid site is which is a comprehensive diet, exercise and lifestyle oriented site (will show screen demo) ($99 special next 2 weeks for lifetime membership)

Here are some other miscellaneous tools that will be useful in thinking about losing weight:

Food and exercise journal - important for knowing how much you really eat and burn each day ($6-15) Food scale - retrain your eye to correct portion sizes. ($15-30) Measuring cups - retrain your eye to correct serving sizes. ($3-6)

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