Senator Kerry visits Bay Area for Obama

February 2, 2008 7:19:32 PM PST
Super Tuesday is less than three days away and the candidates are pulling out the big guns and crisscrossing the country this weekend, but California is getting the most attention.

In San Francisco and San Jose Saturday, it was Senator John Kerry on the campaign trail for Barack Obama.

"The cynics will say he can't do it. The people will speak. The people will choose. The people will make it clear. We can do this," says Senator Kerry.

Over in Oakland, Chelsea Clinton was out to rally the vote for her mother Hillary. The candidate herself was in the Bay Area yesterday.

"I hope you are going to vote and vote for my mom. Thank you very much."

The Democrats are clearly sending in their biggest stars to California and the Bay Area as Super Tuesday closes in.

"This is what the people that moved up this primary wanted. A lot of attention here," Robert Smith, ABC Political Analyst.

Out of the 20 states holding primaries Tuesday, California by far is the biggest jackpot. Obama and Clinton will battle to get more than 400 delegates that day. Obama's camp knows it's behind.

"This week is the big push before Tuesday. This is about getting people to think about that they haven't thought about before on Barack Obama. Getting them information they need to have," says Kamala Harris, Barack Obama Campaign.

ABC Political Analyst Robert Smith says Obama may only be able to win California if his young student and Latino supporters turn out in force to vote.

"I am also trying to inspire my classmates and talking to them about what they need to support Barack Obama," says Antonio Ayala, Obama supporter

With the exit of John Edwards from the race, Smith thinks it could work to Obama's advantage.

"Edwards had the white vote, the white male vote. Obama has also done very well with white males. So this may in some way help Obama," says Smith.

Even if someone comes out ahead on Super Tuesday, the primaries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas may determine who will get the Democratic nomination for president.