Winter hair care survival tips

February 5, 2008 5:24:34 PM PST
Here are some winter hair care survival tips. Get your hair to look lush and beautiful even in the worst weather conditions.

One of the top stylists, Berlin, was here with key hair tips. Below are some of the products that may help.

  • Company Loma (thermal styling protector & color keeper) called "Pearatian": $19.50
  • Company Chi Silk Infusion silk oil & finishing conditioner): $37.50
  • Company Retro (blow dry lotion): $13.50
  • Company Retro Forming Fiber (styling cream): $18.00
  • Company Terax Creama (daily moisturizing cream): $48.00
  • Company Terax Life Drops (silk & wheat protein & revitalizes the hair, strengthens, & de-frizzes): $20.00
  • Company Leon Greyl Palm Oil (ultra oil conditioner): no price.

    You can contact Berlin at the following email address: