Winter hair care survival tips

One of the top stylists, Berlin, was here with key hair tips. Below are some of the products that may help.

  • Company Loma (thermal styling protector & color keeper) called "Pearatian": $19.50
  • Company Chi Silk Infusion silk oil & finishing conditioner): $37.50
  • Company Retro (blow dry lotion): $13.50
  • Company Retro Forming Fiber (styling cream): $18.00
  • Company Terax Creama (daily moisturizing cream): $48.00
  • Company Terax Life Drops (silk & wheat protein & revitalizes the hair, strengthens, & de-frizzes): $20.00
  • Company Leon Greyl Palm Oil (ultra oil conditioner): no price.

    You can contact Berlin at the following email address:

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