Top six weather beauty boosters

Skin and harsh weather:
You should constantly be moisturizing your body head to toe. But keep in mind that there are specific crèmes for specific parts of your body. Example would be Euciern Intensive Repair Hand Crème.

Minimizing Breakouts:
With all of the different product and moisturizers we are applying to our face, it can sometimes result in breakouts. There are many products out there, one is Zeno for blemishes.

Chapped lips are a common problem:
Your lips need extra care in the cold and dry months because they don't trap and hold in moisture as well as the skin elsewhere, leaving them more prone to dryness and cracking. Gives example of SPF formulated lip conditioner like Softlips lip balms, which has a high 20 SPF factor. They even have some with a tinted lip color to give you a shimmery effect. Another tip is to try not to lick your lips, because that makes it worse. We lick our lips to give them moisture, but as that evaporates they tend to dry out even more.

If you can't manage to stay healthy this winter, make sure you're getting enough vitamins, like Vitamin C. One way to get in extra vitamin C for example is with Cold Eeze lozenges.

Drink plenty of water and keep a healthy diet:
Especially for women who are constantly under pressure for the New Year's resolution of losing weight. Dianne has an idea for the working woman on the go, try the new Special K Bliss bars. It's a great alternative for the working woman who just needs something to hold them over. A healthy diet combined with exercise and fluids will help keep you healthy this winter.

Now that you feel good, you want to look good too:
Start with the windows to your soul, the eyes! Taking care of your vision is not only about eye care. Updating your prescription with a new pair of frames can not only help you see better but you'll look and feel more confident about yourself. Lenscrafters has some great lenses to check out, if you're looking for a change.

Product list and prices:

  • Eucerin PLUS intensive Skin Repair hand crème: $5.49 for 2.7 oz

  • Zeno 60-treatment count device priced at: $149

  • Soft Lips: $2.79 for one 0.07-ounce stick, and $3.99 for the value pack, which contains two sticks

  • Cold Eeze: $5.17 for a box

  • Special K Bliss Bars: $3.49 for a 6 pack

  • LenCrafters Glasses: prices range

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