Supes seek answers into jail escape

February 20, 2008 9:26:57 AM PST
San Mateo County supervisors want some answers into how a 17-year-old murder suspect was able escape from a juvenile jail facility.

Supervisors are calling for an independent investigation into the escape of 17-year-old Josue Raul Orozco from the Youth Services Center last week.

Orozco -- who police say is a gang member -- remains at large after breaking out from what is considered the state-of-the-art facility near San Mateo.

Investigators say Orozco was able to escape with the help of two other wards by climbing over a 10-foot concrete wall and then making his way through a hole cut in a chain link fence.

His two alleged accomplices were arraigned Tuesday on charges including conspiracy and aiding and abetting in an escape.