Is your child ready for kindergarten?

February 20, 2008 5:55:56 PM PST
Parenting Consultant Lonna Corder talks about kindergarten readiness and how you can help your kids make a smooth transition.

How do parents know their child is ready for Kindergarten?

There are four considerations:

  1. Emotional Readiness
  2. Social Readiness
  3. Physical Readiness
  4. Academic Readiness

  1. Children must show they are able to handle new situations, transition and care for themselves. A child who can not move from one activity to the next, clings to care providers, is very sensitive and has trouble adjusting to new situations, is perhaps not ready for the faster paced Kindergarten environment.

  2. Kindergarten can mean being on a playground with older children, children should be polite and share readily. The child who still throws the boardgame up in the air when he is losing is probably not ready for a more competitive environment.

  3. A child needs to be aware of his space in the class. Children who have trouble sitting in a circle and keeping hands to themselves, or standing in a straight line to go from one place to the next. children who are not able to follow directions such as hop on one foot, turn around, without difficulty need more time to develop.

  4. Finally, academic readiness. Can your child make a circle? Do the ends meet? Can a child draw a person and include many parts, such as fingers? These attention to details and fine motor skills can indicate a childs readiness to learn how to write.

Most importantly, is your child verbally expressive?
Expressive verbal skills will help your child show the adults what she knows and doesn't understand. this is the most important of the academic assessments, is your child verbal.