Demetria Huntsman

Director, Youth Uprising (PeaceMaking Program)
February 22, 2008 1:03:27 PM PST
An Oakland native, Demetria became frustrated with the violence that claimed the lives of many of her friends and family members. She was able to channel this frustration into action when she was recruited from a detention class to participate in a school sponsored Conflict Resolution Training.

After completing the intense training, Demetria recognized that this program could prevent homicides in Oakland by means of introducing mediation to those in conflict. She mastered the information and introduced this program to disinvested communities throughout Oakland. She has launched and administered school-based programs at Fremont and Skyline high schools, as well as several middle schools. Demetria eventually became the overseer of school site staff in seven schools providing Conflict Resolution Mediation to East Oakland Residents. In addition to mediation services, PeaceMaking links community residents with resources that support healthy life change such as employment, educational opportunities, and mental-health supports. PeaceMaking was seeded through Senator Don Perata's Violence Prevention Initiative and has been endorsed by Mayor Dellums.

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