Pineapple summer rolls

February 28, 2008 8:02:46 PM PST
Bring a bit of Hawaii into your home with this tropical treat! Here to show us a refreshing and colorful appetizer, is the executive chef of the Westin Maui's "Ono Bar and Grill," Bart Umidi.

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Pineapple Summer Rolls
By Bart Umidi, Executive Chef
The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Ka'anapali

    2 pieces of rice paper
    2 pieces of Romaine lettuce leaves
    2 Tbsp. Herbs - (mint, basil, cilantro)
    1½ oz. vegetables - (red onion, bell pepper, carrot)
    2 pieces grilled pineapple spear
    2 oz. Chuka Soba noodles

    4 Tbsp. that Sweet Chili Sauce
    ¼ tsp. sesame oil
    1 Tbsp. soy sauce
    1 tsp. rice vinegar


    1. Use a dish with warm water to soften the rice paper.
    2. Cut the vegetables (red onion, bell pepper and carrot) into thin strips.
    3. Set aside a third of the mixed vegetables for the noodle garnish.
    4. Lay the softened rice paper on a clean towel.
    5. Arrange the lettuce, pineapple, herbs and portion the balance vegetables evenly on both the rice papers.
    6. Roll the rice paper into a tight roll to enclose the filling and seal. Slice each roll in half on an angle.
    7. Combine the sauce ingredients with the one third of the vegetables set aside.
    8. Cook the noodles and use 2 tablespoons of the sauce to dress the noodles.
    9. To plate the summer rolls, arrange the noodles on a plate and the dish of sauce.
    10. Garnish with orchid and tea leaf.

    Chuka soba noodles are a Japanese wheat noodle. Any fine noodle can be used as a substitute.