Plane makes crash landing in Hayward

March 2, 2008 6:18:16 PM PST
There were some tense moments at the Hayward Executive Airport. Late Sunday afternoon, all eyes were trained on a private plane that had to make a crash landing.

The emergency landing was a success, the pilot came out unharmed. His name is Wayne Phillips, he is 53-years-old of San Lorenzo. Phillips was flying from Monterey when he realized he was unable to deploy his landing gear.

The FAA said his plane is a Beech C24R it is a fixed wing, single-engine plane. There was no fire when he landed, but emergency crews were there just in case and sprayed foam to douse and potential flare ups.

Phillips was told to circle around and dump as much fuel as he could before making that emergency landing. He circled above for more than an hour.

ABC7 NEWS spoke to the pilot's wife who rushed to the airport as soon as she got a call from the FAA. She says the plane just completed an annual checkup and the landing gear was supposed to have been fixed.

"He had some extra - I'm not sure what they call them, they're like donuts to ease the landing and he had them replaced. The gentleman that was repairing said that it didn't fix correctly so he wanted to go and do it again and he did do it again," said Noreen Phillips, pilot's wife.

Despite those efforts, the landing gear still posed a problem. Luckily the pilot is safe. His wife said that he has been flying for 35 years, so she was confident everything was going to be okay.