The Golf Mat - Product Review

March 10, 2008 1:45:08 PM PDT
Tired of dents in your walls, worn spots in your carpet, and divots in your beautiful lawn? For dedicated 'swingers-at-homer', this is the best new product in a long time, and the finest mat we have ever used.

This practice mat gives at impact, due to a fiberglass composite spring below fairway length artificial turf, allowing a golfer to hit down properly on a ball, as if taking a divot. No sweeping. The company claims that these mats have life spans of more than 200-thousand swings, making them more durable than other brands, as well.

Besides, at $199, The Golf Mat will probably pay for itself in furniture saved, and arguments avoided.

I paired mine with a seven foot by seven foot Big Daddy Insta-Net from Izzo Golf. This $50 dollar item snapped together in minutes.

So, for roughly $200, or about the price of twenty large buckets, you can have a driving range in your backyard..

As an aside, this new 'range' produced an unexpected side benefit because my thirteen year-old daughter began using it. For many years, I have hoped, prayed, and implored her to 'get' golf, but the game always frustrated her.

Now, since setting up net and mat, Lauren has been a swinging demon who keeps the neighbors awake. Whack. Whack. Whack. "So what's with the golf? I thought you hated golf."

"You know, when you hit the ball right, it feels really good."

Those are the most beautiful words my daughter has ever uttered.