Stress free family living

March 13, 2008 5:01:48 PM PDT
Learn simple techniques and tips that will naturally help de-stress you and your kids from Sherry Torkos, pharmacist, author and lecturer.

Facts about Stress:

  • Stress-related ailments account for between 75 to 90 percent of all visits to the doctor.
  • Stress is linked to the leading causes of death -- heart disease, cancer, accidents and lung diseases.
  • Most people are not aware of the far-reaching effects of stress, such as memory loss, insomnia, impaired thyroid function and low libido.
  • Recent studies have linked stress to weight gain and obesity.
  • While prescription tranquilizers and sedatives can take the edge off, they should only be used as a last resort because they are addictive and cause numerous side effects such as drowsiness, loss of coordination, dizziness, and impaired memory. Long term use of these products can also negatively impact sleep quality.

    Top Recommendations to Manage Stress Naturally:

  • Get regular physical activity, such as walking, biking or do yoga.
  • When you feel stressed try deep breathing exercises. Take several slow deep breaths in and out. This can evoke the relaxation response and is a great way to calm yourself
  • Meditation has been studied and found to be effective in reducing stress, promoting relaxation and improving sleep
  • Have a warm bath with bath salts and lavender supplements that can help with stress, include:
  • B-vitamins, known as stress vitamins, are essential for the nervous system and support the body during stress.
  • Magnesium: a mineral that promotes muscle relaxation and is utilized by the body during stress.
  • L-theanine: an amino acid present in green tea that promotes relaxation and calmness without sedation. This is found in supplements and certain foods and beverages.
  • Chamomile tea: have a cup an hour before bed to help you relax.
  • Lavender: put a few drops on your pillow at night. This essential oil is known for its calming properties.