Review: CB2 Exotic fairway metal

March 25, 2008 9:45:23 AM PDT
Last summer, after reviewing TourEdge Golf's Ironwood series, I mentioned how the company guaranteed an extra twenty yards from its CB2 Exotics line. Twenty yards?

In a 3 or 4 metal, those kinds of numbers would approach driver distances. The claim seemed impossible, but after trying one of these clubs, I am now a believer..

TourEdge Golf from Batavia, Illinois, has continually raised their bar in the last few years. The company makes a very good, reasonably priced, full line of equipment.

For this test, Tour Edge sent along a 4-metal, and while this easy-swinging club doesn't quite fly the advertised twenty yards, it adds fifteen. I've seen it on the range, and also on my golf course. Our 7th hole plays 235 yards downhill. My old 4-metal usually flew balls to the middle. With the CB2 Exotic, my balls carry beyond the green every time, landing at or beyond the spots where I occasionally 'bunt' drives.

Frankly, this 4-metal is so long that it might almost defeat its purpose, if not for the fact that it is also very straight. TourEdge built this a bit on the strong side, at 16.5 degrees instead of the usual 17. But, half a degree cannot account for all of the club's remarkable performance.

TourEdge says the CB2 club performs better because it has found a way to chemically bond a titanium-cupped face with a heavier steel body. The titanium is one-third lighter, allowing an extra 70 grams of weight for the steel sole, allowing for a deeper and lower center of gravity. The club produces a lower spin rate, a higher trajectory, and sounds like business at impact. It is very straight.

The face and sole work well from any line of lies, including bare dirt, and especially from the tee.

This club has put a couple of par 5's within two-shot range. And now I'm wondering how this technology might work in a driver.