Bill Clinton visits San Jose on Sunday

March 30, 2008 7:17:42 PM PDT
California's Democratic convention brought former President Bill Clinton to town Sunday, where he told the crowd to "chill out" and let the tight race between his wife and Barrack Obama play out.

With more states set to hold their primaries, Clinton told Democrats that they need to be patient and let the process come to a natural conclusion.

On a mission to sway more uncommitted super-delegates towards his wife, former President Bill Clinton dismissed the idea put forth by the Barack Obama camp that she is harming the Democratic Party by staying in the race. H says things should just play out.

"Don't you let anybody tell you that somehow we are weakening the Democratic Party. Chill out! We're going to win this election, if we just chill out and let everyone have their say!" says Clinton.

The super-delegate race is fierce. Senator Hillary Clinton is ahead in California by many counts, with 29 super-delegates to Obama's 13. About 21 remain uncommitted.

Clinton met privately with a couple dozen super-delegates, who will likely put one candidate over the top to win the Democratic nomination since the race is close.

"I think we all took to heart the great contributions the Clintons have made to the Democratic party. And his advice: that we make sure we keep our eyes on the focus, which is making sure John McCain is not elected President," says uncommitted Super-delegate Christine Pelosi.

Unlike regular delegates, super-delegates can chose whichever candidate they want up until the national Democratic convention which will be in Denver this summer.

"All of us who are super-delegates are going to have to take a deep breathe, take a look at the trends and what the numbers are, and then make our decisions on how we're going to vote in Denver," says Super-delegate Chris Stampolis.

While Obama supporters informally worked the floor to sway super-delegates, popular San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris pleaded the Illinois Senator's case for the White House to the entire convention.

"Barack Obama will be a president who finally ends the era of fear that has been used to divide and demoralize our country," says Harris.

It's unclear whether anyone uncommitted actually committed after meeting with former President Clinton.