First graders need drums


Urban kids are sometimes exposed to violence in their communities, but these first graders are letting their music be an outlet.

"Instead of having them take out their aggression in a violent way, I'd like to show them another way to have another outlet a creative outlet and that's really what music does," said Beth Miller.

Miller is a music teacher at Bel Air Elementary in Bay Point. She says drums and other percussion instruments make music fun for these kids, but they don't have much.

"Everybody loves music because you get to sing a lot and it helps your voice get better," said Pierre Bynum a first grader.

Miller wants to purchase percussion instruments for each student. The cost is $393 dollars. She's counting on and so are other teachers in Contra Costa County like Lori Chiok. Local resident Bill Schilz came to Cambridge Elementary in Concord to donate art supplies on Friday.

This is how works. Teachers from across the nation post their projects online with the hope to get funded by donors like Bill Schilz and now you.

State Senator Tom Torlakson also funded a project, Friday and challenged people in the county to make a donation.

That's because Comcast is offering to match any donation made to teachers in Contra Costa County.

"At this moment there's just under $50,000 in projects throughout Contra Costa County listed on our website, so if Contra Costa County residents and residents from around the country step forward and help with funding these projects, we'll be able to grant every wish for every teacher who has a project on our website," said Kris Murray from

That's music to Miller's ears.

That matching challenge offered by Comcast is good through April 15, 2008. If you want to help fund Beth Miller's drum project or any other click on the link below.

Beth Miller's Drum Project:

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