Dancing principal is too cool for school

NEW JERSEY Maple Shade High School principal Scott Anrauer wanted to get his students interested in their high school talent show, so he spoofed an internet phenomenon called the 'Evolution of Dance.'

In six minutes, Anrauer twisted, shimmied and danced his way through decades of music. His performance is becoming a hit on YouTube.

It was a hit with his students too.

"He's amazing, everyone loved it. All the kids were like this is a great principal," said Ashleigh Kingsmore, a student.

When Anrauer was asked how he knew all the different styles of dance he said that he been to a lot of weddings, birthday parties and barmitzfas.

The 38-year-old principal isn't worried that his students might not take him seriously. He says they know he cares about their future.

"If the students have a connection with you and they know you take their education seriously and you care about them as people, grades and their behavior and social development . I think if you have that respect you can pretty much act as silly as you want," said Anrauer.

The talent show in the end was a hit and raised $2,000 dollars for charity.

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