Hot trend: Tribal inspired jewelry


From Dillards:

  • Wooden chunky textured bangle
  • Double strand necklace
  • Flower Broach
  • Eric Lyons oversized earrings

From Blooomingdale's:

  • Faux textured lacquered finish bangle

From Target:

  • Butterfly embossed bangle
  • Orange round beads
  • 60s inspired necklace
  • 2 Square bracelets

Do It Yourself Tribal Jewelry

1. Wooden Bangle with suede or leather strips (or leather cord)

  • Apply a thin coat of leather cement to the inside of the bangle
  • Wrap leather or suede around the entire bangle
  • Apply glue with a paint brush

2. Curtain Ring Bracelet/ Necklace
  • Use a curtain ring from a store like Pottery Barn, an antique store, or any oversized ring
  • Remove the screw from the curtain ring (if there is one)
  • Use wood patch to repair the hole
  • Use a colored wood pen or marker to hide the paste. Make sure the paste is in a similar color to the wood.
  • Marry the two necklaces together to create a stunning oversized statement piece.
  • Use a mini saw to cut through each end of the necklace and add the second necklace or part of a belt.

3. Embellish your clothing with an old belt
  • Use an old belt as neck trim to embellish a dress or T-shirt. Turn something plain into a one-of-a-kind piece!
  • You can attach it to the dress permanently or temporarily.

4. Turn your old bangle into a piece of original art
  • Sandpaper off the old surfaces with #220 sandpaper.
  • Use masking tape if youa re going to create a design.
  • Use wood stain to apply your favorite finish to the bracelet.
  • Use an oil-based polyurethane for a clear gloss finish.
  • Use a brush or clean cloth to apply wood stain.
  • Use a brush to apply a clear coat of varnish.
    *Important Note: Use rubber gloves to do this outside in a well-ventilated area.

5. "Out of Africa" look
  • Use a bangle that looks raw and unfinished.
  • Use an oil-based paint to free hand or stencil a design of your choice.
  • For a weathered antique look, leave as is.
  • For a glossy finish apply a coat of oil-based polyurethane.
  • Let dry for several days.

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