Dealing with repairs through the mail


A San Mateo family contacted 7 On Your Side after they shipped their stereo receiver for repairs and never got it back.

Music is a big part of life in the Singh family home.

"We always have parties here and we love to listen to music and we just can't go without it," said Pamela Singh from San Mateo.

But one day they played the stereo for three solid hours.

"The next day when you tried to turn it on, it wouldn't turn on," said Singh.

So they had the receiver packed up and shipped by /*Federal Express*/ to Downtown Radio, the factory repair shop in Denver.

That was way back in August and the problem is they haven't seen it since.

"Christmas went by, New Year's went by, Super Bowl went by, we had no music at all," said Singh.

The repair shop said the receiver had arrived there dented from shipping.

"Then FedEx tells us well if it is damaged by Federal Express then you need to fill out a claim form," said Singh.

The family had insured the package for $500 dollars, but FedEx rejected their claim saying it hadn't been notified of the damage within 21 days.

And they thought the receiver was still being repaired.

"We're in the middle here trying to figure out who is responsible; at least give my package back," said Singh.

In February, FedEx rejected their claim again -- this time saying it had been "unable to inspect the damage."

But a shipping record shows FedEx did pick up the package for inspection way back in November.

The unit was sent on a mysterious journey from Utah, to Sacramento, to South San Francisco, then all the way back to Denver.

It's still sitting at the repair shop, and folks there said all that shipping caused more damage.

"We got so frustrated, we got so tired of this. Let's go to Channel 7 On Your Side," said Singh.

We contacted FedEx and it did agree to pay the $500 dollar claim.

FedEx would not discuss specifics about the shipping, but said it had been awaiting proof of the value of the receiver.

FedEx is committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction and regrets the family's experience.

If you do ship something make sure you keep the shipping documents, keep your proof of your item's value, and let the shipper package it so you can't be held responsible if it breaks.

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