Create a toxin-free home

Personal care products

Safer products are also better for the environment. Some companies are thinking about the impact of their packaging, not just the ingredients in their products

P&N Body Wash: I always look for bath and body products that are paraben free and hypo-allergenic as well as biodegradable. For example, The new Pure & Natural Body Wash is 98% natural origin, paraben free and hypo-allergenic and they smell amazing.

P&N Bar Soap: Starting eco habits young will teach children to always live a sustainable lifestyle. The packaging of the Pure & Natural is healthy for the skin and you can actually plant the packaging from the bar soap in your garden and a baby's breath plant grows. Isn't that a fun activity to do with kids?

P&N Liquid Hand Soap: Being a mom myself, I know the importance of keeping hands clean - I'm constantly washing hands, either mine, or my little one's -, especially when my kids come home from school, before any of us pick up and play with baby, before meal preparations, etc…. This soap really keeps my hands soft and smooth and chemical free, which is ideal after I use the bathroom, and before I begin

What is Pure & Natural?

Pure & Natural is a new line of personal care products consisting of a liquid hand soap, body wash and cleansing bar each available in three different ingredient combination - Rosemary Mint, Pomegranate Grapefruit and Almond Oil Cherry Blossom. They are also hypo-allergenic, 98% natural origin and paraben free.

Where can you buy the Pure & Natural products and how much do they cost?

Pure & Natural is available at mass market retailers nationwide and they cost $3.99 - $5.99. Although the products are affordable they are also very beautiful - and the amber bottles look great in my bathroom. Coconut Oil: Artisana Organic Oil $19/15 ounces online, at Whole Foods, Elephant Pharmacy and other natural food stores for less

Safer textiles/Home furnishing materials

What's better for you is better for the plant (organic cotton, natural fabrics, flooring). Look for "certified organic" fabric, natural unfinished textiles, water-based finishes and plant-based dyes.


  • Organic Cotton Towels: Coyuchi: Bath Towels $24, Bath Sheet $36, Washcloths $9
  • West Elm and Pottery Barn now offer organic, online from VivaTerra, Gaiam
  • Fabrics: Trade Resources ranging from $60/sf to $150/sf
  • Rugs: Trade Resources ranging from $10/sf to $35/sf
  • Flooring through a flooring store or designer: Globus Cork: $5-$10/sf Eco-Timber Hardwood: $6/sf-$12/sf

Water bottles and food storage Avoid plastics, re-usable metal water bottles, glass food containers. Avoid plastic for water and food storage due to the potential leaching of pthalates into your food and drink.


  • Kleen Kanteen: $15-$27 for a range of sizes, sippy tops, sport tops, adapters around $5 each
  • Sigg $20 average price, accessories for kids, sports, etc. around $6 each
  • Available at Whole Foods, Elephant Pharmacy, REI and online
  • Pyrex Glass Containers $3-$10 each, $20 for 10-pc set and
  • Other glass shapes from The Container Store: $1.99-12.99 each

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Rider is the author of two healthy lifestyle books, including The Healthy Home Workbook. This guide incorporates ecologically-sound designs with great tips and advice that is easy to follow. Rider's forthcoming volume, Organic Baby: Simple Steps for Healthy Living, demonstrates how to create a toxin-free home for children, with chapters on the nursery, baby gear, personal care, food and other related topics. Each chapter of Organic Baby will educate the reader on particular healthy issues and offer do-it-yourself projects that provide innovative solutions.

An industry expert on trends in healthy cleaning and consumer purchasing of eco-friendly products, Rider has creative ideas for the whole family on how to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. With features in notable media outlets such as People Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Woman's Day, The Dallas Morning News, and Time Magazine, Rider is involved in all aspects of media, and she is currently a regular contributing writer for Kiwi Magazine, for which each issue she designs an eco-friendly, stylish space for children. Kimberly Rider continues to find new and creative ways to provide valuable tips on how to live a sustainable, all natural lifestyle.

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