Teen starts up shopping web site


/*Miriam Brafman*/ spends her days texting friends, watching T.V. and on line running her own web based company.

"It's not that big a deal," said Miriam Brafman, an /*Entrepreneur*/. "It's common with in Silicon Valley, but probably not kids my age."

Miriam is only 17. Two weeks ago, she launched www.rasba.com. It connects not only people to other people, but to products they like.

The high school junior partnered with clothing, accessory, and electronic companies. They advertise on her site and users shop in different people's profiles.

"You buy stuff, share it with your friends and if people see stuff they like on your profile, you get some money," said Miriam.

/*Rasba*/'s target audience is 12 to 25 year olds. So, we asked a few /*teenagers*/ to test it out.

"How do you pay for it, I don't know how many teenagers have credit cards and debit cards," said Helen Broering, 16 years old.

"It's like another /*Facebook*/, something to get hooked on and make money off of it too," said Katarina La Poll, 15 years old.

"I think it's kinda neat," said Katrina.

The Rasba concept isn't 100 percent new. It has the social elements of Facebook and Yahoo and the e-commerce of Amazon and Urge.com.

"If she picks up a large enough community, people who have done things similar to this, have generated income that has exceeded $300,000 dollars a month, but they're rare," said Rob Enderle, from the Enderle Group.

To take /*Rasba.com*/ to the next level, technology analyst, Rob Enderle says the site needs to be more refined.

An idea Miriam Brafman might consider, if and when she makes a profit.


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