Voice to visual service for Blackberries


Tellme is announcing a voice to visual service for GPS equipped Blackberries. If you ask for a map or directions or where a movie is playing, then Tellme will tell you.

This new voice to visualization service can be used to get information in six categories, all with just the push of a green button and a verbal command. For example, the service can help you look up the nearest coffee shops in your area.

"These are the results from Tellme, powered by live search, here we have Dana's Roasting, we have Bean Scene, Spike Coffee and a few others. You can call, you can get maps, directions or share the listing," said Dariusz Paczuski, Tellme V.P. consumer services.

Ask Tellme, they'll tell you this is a huge improvement over what's out there now.

"Whereas with traditional phones, you have to type what you want to do, which is kind of hard to do when you are driving around. With Tellme you can just press a button, say what you want and get it," said Paczuski.

Tellme said it knows what to offer in the future because of what a survey of 1,200 local commuters told them.

"Thirty-three percent of people check their calendar, check their address book and see when their meetings are. Thirty-one percent check their email, no surprise, and 27 percent send text messages in the car," said Paczuski.

Tellme can also tell you about weather and traffic, but don't tell me that bodes ill for the personable, more accurate, more up to the minute Mike Nicco and Frances Dinglasen.

"I wouldn't say that, in fact you can say call Mike or call Frances on your phone someday," said Paczuski.

Someday, not now, so please hold your calls. And maybe the best news of all for GPS equipped Blackberry users, this is free, or so they tell me.

Mr. Paczuski says we can expect to see and hear a lot more about this voice to visual communication in the future. And here's why, Tellme is owned by Microsoft and Bill Gates really likes voice to visual communication. The Web 2.0 Conference runs through Saturday at Moscone West.

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