Spring dish: Green papaya salad

Executive chef and managing partner of Betelnut Restaurant in San Francisco shares his recipes:

Green papaya salad

1 each green papaya, peeled, deseeded & grated
1 each ruby grapefruit segments
1 cup mint, chiffonade
1 cup roasted peanuts, chopped

¼ cup Fish sauce
1 cup Lime juice
½ cup Sugar
1 tbsp Kosher salt
4 each Thai chilis, minced

Mix all the ingredients together until the sugar & salt dissolves completely

Toss all the salad ingredients except the peanuts with the dressing 10 minutes before serving. Right before serving, add in the peanuts & mix well. The peanuts can be substituted with toasted sunflower seeds.

Kaffir Lime Shandy
Serves 4

Juice from 8 limes
8 pcs Kaffir Lime leaves
1 cup Simple syrup (dissolve ½ cup sugar with ½ cup water)
2 bottles Ice cold Lager

Muddle the kaffir lime leaves with lime juice & syrup.
Pour equal portions in 4 chilled pilsner glasses.
Top with the ice cold lager
Garnish with the lime leaves
Serve immediately
Topping with ice is optional

From Wikipedia: What is Shandy?: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shandy
Betelnut Restaurant: www.betelnutrestaurant.com
About Alex Ong: www.betelnutrestaurant.com/chefs.html

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