Cokie Roberts on key female figures in history

Cokie Roberts will be appearing at a local event on Tuesday, April 29th in San Jose. See below for details.

Professional Women's Night with Cokie Roberts

Tuesday April 29th, at San Jose Rep

Cocktails w/ Cokie at 5:00 p.m., followed by dinner at 5:30 p.m., program at 7:00 p.m. and a book signing at 8:00 p.m.

Professional Women's Night Package: $150 (Includes private reception, dinner with Cokie Roberts, a lecture on her latest book, "Ladies of Liberty," and an autographed copy of the book.)

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About "Ladies of Liberty"

As the role of women in politics takes center stage, bestselling author and journalist Cokie Roberts offers a look at women's political influence and nation-shaping in the early days of our history.

During this unprecedented time in our history it's fascinating to look back and see how far women have come and yet how much they've contributed to our country's development. In LADIES OF LIBERTY: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation (Morrow; On Sale April 8, 2008) Cokie Roberts offers an illuminating and lively look at the remarkable women who helped move our fledgling nation forward, from the inauguration of John Adams in 1797 to the inauguration of his son, John Quincy Adams in 1825. These women were in the middle of everything-adding to the culture as writers and educators, shaping society as reformers and religious leaders, and expanding the nation as settlers and seekers.

Among these women were:

-- Dolley Madison, the heroic and charming woman whose bravery and insight shaped the new capital of Washington, DC, during war and peace.

-- Theodosia Burr, Aaron Burr's devoted daughter, a brilliant, independent, highly educated, and freethinking woman ahead of her time who was groomed for greatness by her doting father.

-- Susanna Rowson, author of the novel Charlotte Temple - the first bestseller in American literature until Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was published in 1852.

-- Sacajawea, the Native American woman who, while carrying her baby on her back, guided Lewis and Clark through the dangers, both natural and man-made, of their historic expedition.

-- Rebecca Gratz, one of the most beautiful and gracious women in Philadelphia society, known as "the foremost American Jewess of her day," who devoted her life to helping the poor and orphaned.

-- Louisa Catherine Adams, wife of politician and president John Quincy Adams, whose entertainments helped elect her husband and whose correspondence with former President John Adams details the campaign strategies she employed.

Drawing on personal correspondence, private journals, recipes, songs and other primary sources, and filled with engrossing political news and entertaining gossip from the early days of the capital, this follow-up to Roberts' bestselling Founding Mothers moves forward in American history as the country expanded in size and spirit. Throughout, Roberts captures the heart and soul of the America and offers new insights into the women who helped tame the exuberant nation into greatness.

As she says in the introduction to her book, "History looks very different when seen through the eyes of women." Roberts' own knowledge and perspective combined with impressive research, and a great admiration (and affection) for her subjects make LADIES OF LIBERTY a history book that is as unique as it is enlightening and entertaining.

About Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts has covered Congress, politics and public policy for more than 20 years at ABC News. She also serves as Senior News Analyst for National Public Radio, where she was the Congressional Correspondent for more than ten years. From 1996-2002 she and Sam Donaldson co-anchored the weekly ABC interview program This Week. In her more than forty years in broadcasting, Ms. Roberts has won countless awards, including three Emmys. She has been inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, and was cited by the American Women in Radio and Television as one of the fifty greatest women in the history of broadcasting. In addition to her appearances on the airwaves, Ms. Roberts, along with her husband, Steven V. Roberts, writes a weekly column syndicated in newspapers around the country by United Media. The Roberts are also contributing editors to USA Weekend magazine.

Cokie Roberts is also a highly acclaimed bestselling author. In Ladies of Liberty (On Sale April 8, 2008, Morrow), a follow up to her bestselling book Founding Mothers (2004), she examines the lives and times of the incredible women who have helped shape America. Drawing on personal correspondence, private journals and other primary sources, much of it previously unpublished, and filled with entertaining gossip from the early days of the capital, this second installment captures the great shift that occurred in American history as the country continued its expansion. Throughout, Ms. Roberts celebrates the American spirit and offers new insights on the women who helped make our nation great. Other bestsellers include, From this Day Forward (2001), a book she co-authored with her husband Steve Roberts, about their more than 40-year marriage and other marriages in American history and We Are Our Mothers' Daughters (1998), an account of women's roles and relationships throughout American history, a New York Times number one bestseller.

Cokie Roberts also serves on the boards of several non-profit institutions and has been appointed to the President's Commission on Service and Civic Participation. She is the mother of two and grandmother of six.

Ms. Roberts resides with her husband, Steven V. Roberts, in Bethesda, MD.

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