Five goats killed by mountain lion


Katie Pauley and her two children were just heading out the door to go to school when they spotted the mountain lion. She describes the lion as big, weighing about 150 pounds.

"We saw what we thought was a deer running across the field and then my son noticed that it was mountain lion and it hit us we need to check on the goats," says Katie Pauley a resident.

The mountain lion killed five of the Pauley's youngest goats, three does, a buck and a wether. The lion managed to consume a hind leg before he ran off. Fish and Game told Pauley the lion will probably come back.

"They said normally when they find a food source, they'll eat their fill then go rest and come back later. In this case, I don't think she had a chance to eat very much," says Pauley.

Pauley's yard is home to dogs, cats, chickens and goats. She says the dogs usually keep the mountain lions away but due to neighbors' complaints, she now keeps her dogs inside overnight.

Fish and Game says at this point the mountain lion is not a public safety issue. The Pauleys may ask for a permit to hunt the lion. Katie Pauley says she's not sure.

"I understand we live on the mountain lion's territory we built our house on her territory, I'm concerned, mostly, but we'll be more aware," says Pauley.

The Pauleys have three goats left. Right now Pauley is keeping them in a makeshift kennel. She says she'll probably keep the dogs out overnight in order to hopefully scare away any mountain lions.

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