Protecting your kids from stranger danger

May 9, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
All of us who are parents have warned our kids not to talk to strangers. But is that an effective way to teach them caution, without frightening them? Parenting consultant Lonna Corder shares her helpful advice for how to teach your children about the dangers of strangers.

Stranger danger: Advice for little ones

-- No adult needs to ask a child for help to find a pet or directions

-- Never approach an unknown car

-- Have a family "safe" word

Stranger danger: Advice for teens

-- Never park next to a van in a parking lot

-- Modeling agencies don't send scouts to malls

-- Never get into a car, even if threatened

-- Don't be afraid to make a scene

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About Lonna Corder:

In January 1997 Ann Getty, San Francisco philanthropist, created a Montessori-based home playgroup for her granddaughter and several friends. San Francisco mom and Montessori trained teacher, Lonna Corder became the founding teacher/director. Soon, what began as a small group of two and three year olds learning about math, science and culture, grew into ten years as a galvanizing educational experience recognized by every major elementary school in San Francisco and Marin County. Corder received her BA in Psychology and Montessori graduate credential from Saint Mary's college.