Protecting your kids from stranger danger

Stranger danger: Advice for little ones

-- No adult needs to ask a child for help to find a pet or directions

-- Never approach an unknown car

-- Have a family "safe" word

Stranger danger: Advice for teens

-- Never park next to a van in a parking lot

-- Modeling agencies don't send scouts to malls

-- Never get into a car, even if threatened

-- Don't be afraid to make a scene

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About Lonna Corder:

In January 1997 Ann Getty, San Francisco philanthropist, created a Montessori-based home playgroup for her granddaughter and several friends. San Francisco mom and Montessori trained teacher, Lonna Corder became the founding teacher/director. Soon, what began as a small group of two and three year olds learning about math, science and culture, grew into ten years as a galvanizing educational experience recognized by every major elementary school in San Francisco and Marin County. Corder received her BA in Psychology and Montessori graduate credential from Saint Mary's college.

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