Clinton gains ground on Obama

/*Sen. Hillary Clinton*/ says she's more determined than ever to stay in the race and Tuesday she outlined her path to the White House.

Clinton gave her victory speech to supporters in Charleston, /*West Virginia*/, but she was talking to superdelegates everywhere.

"The /*White House*/ is won in the swing states and I am winning the swing states," said Clinton.

And she pushed on the Democratic Party to change their decision to disqualify Michigan and Florida because those states broke the party rules and voted early.

"I believe we should honor the votes cast by 2.3 million people in those states and seat all of their delegates," said Clinton.

It's the only path Clinton has to catch Barack Obama, but ABC7's political analyst Bruce Cain says party officials are standing firm.

"I've talked to the executive director here and he's indicated that there just not going to back down because if they back down on this issue with Florida and Michigan they have no way to control the process the next time the presidential nomination comes around," said Cain.

Again Clinton's argument to /*superdelegates*/ is she can win the swing states.

"I'm asking that people think hard about where we are in this election, about how we will win in November," said Clinton.

Nonetheless, Obama could point to /*Travis Childers*/ who on Tuesday night won a congressional seat in Mississippi that has been held by Republicans for more than a decade. GOP ads attacked Childers because he was endorsed by Barack Obama. It's an indication that the political map is changing, says /*ABC7's political analyst*/.

"It is an indication that the congressional margins may grow, but most importantly it suggests the /*Nancy Pelosi*/-/*Barack Obama*/ tie is not going to be an effective strategy for the Republican Party," said Cain.

Childers' victory makes this three in a row for Democrats winning Republican held seats in special elections this year. That's not a good sign for the GOP.

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