Obama collects Pete Stark's support

/*Hillary Clinton*/ is hoping to blunt /*Barack Obama*/'s momentum by coming close or beating him in /*Oregon*/. Obama is just 123 delegates shy of locking up the nomination. On Friday many Bay Area supporters of both candidates are on their way to Oregon.

Jeff Harry a teacher in one of Oakland's after school programs is taking a long weekend. He and psychologist Lynnette Beall and retired psychologist Jean Oakley are heading to Oregon this weekend to call on likely voters.

"To try and encourage them to go vote and help them figure out how to get their ballots in time," says Jean Oakley, an Oakland Obama volunteer.

Hillary Clinton is in Oregon hitting the airwaves with a new ad.

"In Washington they talk about who's up and whose down, in Oregon we care about what's right and what's wrong," says the ad.

And a group headquartered in Palo Alto bought full page ads in /*U.S.A. Today*/ and the /*New York Times*/. Stacy Mason is managing director of the newly formed political action committee.

"This race should not be decided and super delegates should not make their decision until all of the voters have spoken," says Mason with /*Women Count Political Action Committee*/.

This afternoon in Junction City, Oregon Hillary Clinton visited the home of a retired couple to talk about the housing slump, high gas prices and remaining in the race.

"Well I appreciate you saying that. I'm ahead in the popular vote now," says Clinton.

Clinton's count takes in votes cast in Michigan where Obama was not on the ballot. Even some loyal Clinton supporter's find that a tough sell.

"Hillary Clinton has a point but whether or not she's going to be successful convincing enough people is doubtful candidly at this stage," says San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Congressman George miller is a superdelegate for Obama.

"She has maybe two hundred scenarios of how she's going to win including us getting hit by an asteroid but that's not how it's going to work," says Rep. George Miller (D) in Concord.

Since Clinton's big win in West Virginia on Tuesday, she's picked up one superdelegate. Barack Obama has picked up 10. Fremont Congressman /*Pete Stark*/ (D) is the latest to declare support for the Illinois senator.

While Clinton and Obama are hard at work campaigning in Oregon this weekend, Sen. John McCain (R) will be in New York rehearsing for Saturday Night Live this weekend.

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