Two killed outside Sunnyvale strip club


The strip club was open at the time of the shootings. Police have ended their investigations outside in the parking lot, but they have moved inside to talk to workers who may be able to help them piece together the investigation.

This all happened 9:30 pm Sunday night at the Brass Rail on Persian Drive. Police say they were called to the club and when they arrived, they discovered an orange SUV with its doors open. Inside the SUV officers found two men shot to death. Sunnyvale police spent all night, some eight hours, collecting evidence and processing the scene. Part of the evidence is the SUV where the victims were found.

Right now there is no word on who the victims are. An officer on the scene did say that no arrests have been made and would not comment on any possible suspects. There is a sign outside of the club that says the club is under 24 hour surveillance by video camera - so police will likely have access to those videos as they put this investigation together.

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