One-on-one with 49ers' QB Shaun Hill


Shaun Hill waited six years to get his shot at being an NFL quarterback, replacing Alex smith and Trent Dilfer last season when both were injured.

"It took a long time for me to step on the field, but when I did, it felt natural," says Hill.

ABC7 Sports Anchor Mike Shumann: "How does a guy preserve for so long? Did you think about another career?

Shaun Hill: "I did entertain those thoughts."

Mike Shumann: "What was you next career going to be?"

Shaun Hill: "I don't know (laughter)."

Turns out he won't need that career change just yet. Shaun started two games last year and won both. Then an injured Alex smith and Mike Nolan had a public falling out. With Alex's big salary, is there really a fair competition for the QB job?

"It's definitely an open competition, but I'm not competing with Alex. I'm competing with my self, trying to get better everyday," says Hill.

The 49ers new offensive coordinator Mike Martz likes his QB's to get the ball out quick, something Shaun does a little better than Alex.

So, who has a better skill set for this offense?

"We both bring different things to the table. We'll see which one is the best match," says Hill.

The 28 year old QB has a very even keel personality.

Mike Shumann: "You have to have some sense of excitement that your getting this chance finally."

Shaun Hill: "When I get behind closed doors and get to closing my eyes and think about it, I'm very excited."

Shaun begins his quest for the starting job July 24th, when the 49ers report to training camp in Santa Clara.

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