Choosing the right wedding cake and flowers

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About Susie Coelho:
Susie Coelho is the founder and CEO of Susie Coelho Enterprises Inc., a rapidly growing multi-media lifestyle company founded in 1997, focused on television, publishing, endorsements, design and licensing. A representative of an emerging desire for individuality, Susie encourages others to create harmony in every aspect of their lives by creating expressions of their own personal taste and style.

Often referred to as a lifestyle guru, she provides straightforward tips on home style, gardening, entertaining and cooking in a fun and easy to follow way. With a busy career and two children, Susie knows first-hand how difficult it can be to find time for entertaining, cooking and conventional decorating. Having coined the phrase "undecorating," Susie's focus is on having fun with simple and personal styling to achieve maximum impact.
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